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    Healthy riding colours the world beautiful!

    Creativity for sidewalks, parking lots, and streets! Chalktrail® is so intuitive - kids see it and they get it. Adults get the urge to ride along, too.

    Hook Chalktrail® to a bike in a heartbeat. Then, get riding! Draw figure eights, wavy meandering paths, perfect circles, and fascinating designs by retracing the same route again and again in succession. It’s freshly invigorating, beautiful play.

    Create a masterpiece with a group of riders. Playing follow the leader becomes thoughtfully creative. No coaxing needed, everybody’s caught up in the fun of orchestrating gigantic Spirograph-like creations!

    Need specifics? Here’s more.

    What Size of Bicycle:
    Bikes come in 6 different wheel sizes, (12 to 29 inch diameter). Chalktrail® fits Dad’s bike as well as it does little Sophie’s training wheels.

    How Chalktrail® Connects:
    A simple wishbone clamp connects the Chalktrail® device to center hubs of the back wheel. Insert chalk into another simple squeeze clamp at the other end of Chalktrail®. No need for parent help, no tools required. Safe and easy. Any kid can do it.

    How Long Will the Chalk Last:
    Need a breather? Go ahead and take one. You may wear out before your chalk does. Just one piece of chalk lasts 1.5 miles!

    Crazy-good fun. Miles of creative artistry. Wherever the rubber hits the road –
    so does Chalktrail.

    • Bike riding and chalk creating - Miles of invigorating, colourful fun!
    • Designs evolve as one child rides solo or many kids cooperatively ride
    • Healthy creative fun for the whole family
    • Works with all bike sizes and training wheels
    • Includes highly durable Chalktrail® connector
    • Easy on, easy off - no tools or parents required!
    • Comes with one piece non-toxic, washable chalk
    • Remarkably durable for miles of fun
    • Replacement chalk sold separately


    Please Note: Only current available colour is red.