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    Get a few extra while they're here - custom create an assortment of Squigz!

    Choose the Squigz you like best. It won't be easy. Every Squig has its strengths.

    Push Squigz together, then POP ‘em apart! Using Suction Construction and a little (or a lot) of imagination, Squigz will provide hours of creative play for everyone!

    Made from silicone, Squigz stick to bathtubs, walls, windows, school lockers, tabletops, and office desktops. (And they never leave a trace of their presence.)

    Playful curiosity. It's a whole new gig - thanks to Squigz.

    Meet Pip!
    Pip may be small, but appearances can be deceiving! Pip is the original Squig and can be used in all kinds of imaginative ways. Use Pip to put the finishing touch on your Squigz creation. Pip can be a wheel, a foot or the highest point on the top your Squigz skyscraper. 5 Pip per pack.

    Meet Doodle!
    Doodle is one strong Squig! A hard worker that really knows how to hold things together. Doodle may be short, but you’ll soon discover just how useful she can be when it’s time to connect your Squigz creations together! 4 Doodle per pack.

    Meet Grippity!
    Long-limbed Grippity reaches across great distances. He’s a pillar of a connection. Without Grippity, it may take two Squigz to do the job of one. 4 Grippity per pack.

    Meet Yoink!
    The bridge in a pinch. The turn just in time. When you need a little Yoink - you need a little Yoink! No other Squig will do. 4 Yoink per pack.

    Meet Skootch!
    She’s got the corner on cool. How does she do it? She just skootches in and - POP! Now there’s a new angle on fun! 3 Skootch per pack.

    Meet Gobnob!
    He’s a renegade. A wild child. One flashy fellow. He likes to TRI anything that branches off in a new direction. Don’t know what to do? Grab Gobnob. Something amazing is about to happen. 3 Gobnob per pack.

    Meet Wonkity!
    Right, left, up, down… Wonkity is always there when you need him. Faithfully pushing and pulling on the limits of your imagination. 3 Wonkity per pack.

    Meet Zorbit!
    Zorbit is a heavyweight when it comes to helping out fellow Squigz. It looks exhausting, but he’s built for it. Some Squigz just get all the cups. 2 Zorbit per pack.

    Whichever way you decide to use them, they function as family. You’re gonna love these Fun Little Suckers!

  • A lively toy innovation - new Suction Construction!
  • Encourages creativity, fine motor skills, interaction, playful experimentation
  • Provides relaxation and sensory stimulation
  • Pieces connect easily and POP! apart
  • Gratifying fun for bathtub, walls, windows, school lockers, tabletops, desktops
  • Flexible, pleasantly pliable
  • Generously-sized components
  • High quality silicone rubber
  • Leaves no residue or marks on surfaces
  • Enjoyment for a wide range of ages