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Rendered finished clamp

Clamps are devices used when you need an extra pair of hands and cannot seem to find them anywhere.

This tutorial will set the ground work for coding an LED Display. It will help you understand the basic setup required for applications and software designed to take advantage of large LED matrices.   What you will need: – An LED Display – Control Board, (in this case Arduino Uno) – IDE (Integrated Developement Enviroment) – Necessary LED Display

Arduino Uno messily hookup to a breadboard

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a light dimmer for an LED strip using a light sensor. We drew our circuit diagrams using the open source software Fritzing. What do you need : -Arduino Uno –Strip LED (RGB or Unicolor) -Light sensor from Adafruit -> Link -IRL540N Transistor -12V DC Power supply -Arduino code -> Stip_LED_dimmer In

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Python to program an Arduino board. We will use Tkinter to create message box to interact with the components on the breadboard. What do you need : -Arduino Uno & LED -Arduino Software -Example code that we will study below -> Python & Arduino     Connect

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a GCode file from a picture. What do you need: – Inkscape -> Software – DXF2GCODE -> DXF2GCODE – Notepad++ -> Software – A picture or a DXF file If you already have a DXF file go to the second point “Generate the GCode from DXF”, else

In this tutorial you will learn, thanks to the Python code, how to : Download weather data from the web Use GCodes to manage CNC machine Send information via serial port to a plotter Skills acquired: Data scraping from URL Extract specific data in a txt file Mixing txt file in one Using serial port communication